Research & Development

Smart grid and immutable data solutions based on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

Encoded for the future

Blockchain EngineeringBlockchain

Add new value to your business and manage your workflow more efficiently with a peer-to-peer, decentralized, probabilistically immutable distributed ledger of records. Blockchain technology allows your business to become even more recognizable with added efficiency and verifiability, increased security and unbreakable membership control.

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Smart GridEnergy

Create a Transactive Smart Grid environment in existing power grids by implementing hybrid solutions based on mathematical and computational optimization methods, operational planning, and coordinated system balancing techniques.

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Communication PlatformCommunication

Improve your customer’s experience by real-time excellence, custom user preferences, and outstanding quality of service. Avoid losing customers by automating your engagement to customers based on their wishes and the feedback about your products.

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In a post-knowledge world with too much information, It is crucial to mitigate analysis paralysis and to harness quality information efficiently. Create a meaningful experience in your organization by rethinking the purpose of education and making a lifelong journey of acquiring novel technological advancements.

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