Smart mobile data center

Custom-made, highly-efficient mobile data center with integrated smart features for optimal operation of high-power and density servers.

Smart mobile data center

Data center features 

  • Turnkey mobile data center solution for effortless deployment and commissioning
  • Suited for any location requirements with different dimensions available
  • High-density modular shelving system fitted for future generation equipment
  • Advanced industrial monitored passive ventilation and filtration system
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions and temperatures below -40°C or above +40°C
  • Industrial level power distribution up to 1MW with integrated remote monitoring and management system
  • Integrated local and remote HMI for simple monitoring and management
  • Optimized design for maximum airflow and minimal pressure drop
  • Different security and access control options available
  • Bespoke, customer fit design

Data center utilization 

    Our mobile data center can be used as:

  • HPC (High Performance Computing)
  • Mobile data center
  • SGE (Smart Grid Element)
  • Edge Computing Unit
  • Cloud services
  • GPU rendering
  • Blockchain infrastructure
  • Digital currency mining

Optimized versatility 

Our initial data center design included cold and hot aisle separation with hot air recirculation for cold winter days. To optimize airflow, and to achieve minimal pressure drop for optimal ventilation of the equipment, we improved the design with numerous CFD simulations. As a result, we produced a unique system of hot air recirculation which allows ventilation to handle the most extreme conditions when temperatures are below -40°C or above +40°C.

With this design, we achieved high efficiency of the unit without any extra fans for the ventilation. To increase the efficiency of the unit, excess heat can be reused for preheating or for other industrial purposes.


Every SMDC is custom-designed and can be transported over large distances by truck or rail. The construction is made from steel, based on standard shipping containers, but with additional improvements to meet all requirements for a mobile data center. Every unit can be tailored to the client’s requirements and the length of the unit can vary from 4.2m up to 13.2m.

Depending on the size, available power for IT equipment can vary from 200kW up to 1000kW. We give our customers a long-lasting product that can serve many generations of upcoming IT equipment.

Based on our rich experience in data centers, we integrated plenty of smart and advanced features that provide easier deployment, more efficient maintenance and lower running costs.

Made in Croatia 

We are also proud of the fact that the whole unit was designed and built in Croatia, with the best industry practices and following all the standards.

Our data centers are delivered preassembled, with all the electrical, network, ventilation, and filtration systems ready to run. Only the main power cables need to be connected and the IT equipment needs to be installed at the client's location.
To make sure that everything is correctly set up and ready for easy and smooth operation, we offer on-site commissioning in accordance with the client.