Smart Electrical Grid Integration Platform (SEGIP) Research & Development

Smart Electrical Grid Integration Platform (SEGIP)

Call name

Increasing the development of new products and services arising from research and development activities KK.

Name of the project

Development of a Smart Electrical Grid Integration Platform (SEGIP)

Project user

Base58 Ltd
Kapucinska 31
31000 Osijek


Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of electrical engineering, computer science and information technology Osijek

Brief project description

To create an innovative integration platform for smart grid management through experimental development conducted with our partner

Project goals

Increasing the level of support for all participants in the entire electricity distribution chain, increasing the utilization of available energy, and developing an innovative way of managing the electricity network

Contact person

Domagoj Vuković, project manager,

Total project value

13.513.779,14 HRK

Amount co-financed from the EU funds

7.903.780,54 HRK

Project implementation period

From 01.10.2018. to 01.10.2021.

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The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund
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Bounding Box 2021News

On March 26, 2021 in Osijek, the Bounding Box 2021 conference took place with the aim of promoting and better understanding the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and showing how technology affects almost all aspects of our lives. During the conference, 12 lecturers from companies and scientific and educational institutions presented the areas and ways of applying Artificial Intelligence in real international and domestic projects. The conference was organized by Protostar Labs, a company specialized in computer vision and robotics, in collaboration with the creative agency Adverta.

Base58 provided a lecture with a presentation entitled „Application of Computational Intelligence (CI) in electrical engineering through the SEGIP project“ where representatives of the Base58 and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology in Osijek discussed the integration of Computational Intelligence-based methods in individual components of the project solution. The lecture explained the possibility and achievements of the application of Computational Intelligence, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, through biologically inspired optimization algorithms and various metaheuristic methods. The constraints and computational requirements of the power system have been considered when integrating individual optimization procedures and the preliminary results acceptable for public disclosure have been presented.

The conference was held with the consent of the Civil Protection Headquarters and in accordance with current recommendations, considering all epidemiological measures. The gathering was organized exclusively for lecturers and organizers, while for all other interested was organized transmission via Zoom application, with prior registration.

International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies 2020 (SST 2020)News

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek hosted and organized this year the fourth international scientific conference “International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies 2020” (SST 2020), which took place from 14 to 16 October 2020 in Osijek.

The conference aimed to provide researchers and experts with a platform for the development and dissemination of scientific and professional knowledge in the field of smart systems and technologies, primarily in electrical engineering, computer science, communication technologies, automation, robotics, but also all other interdisciplinary fields and applications.

The steering and program committee of the conference brought together over 90 distinguished scientists from about 10 countries. Presentations of 36 international peer-reviewed papers were held in 11 sections, and papers will be published in the proceedings SST 2020 Proceedings which will be indexed in IEEE Xplore and other scientific and professional databases in the field of electrical engineering and computing.

Also, four workshops, two invited lectures and two technical lectures were held.

At the workshop “Smart Grid and Internet of Energy” the current results of the project “SEGIP” were presented and presentations were given by representatives of Base58 Ltd (Project beneficiary) and representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technology (Project partner).

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