Partner Net II Blockchain and cryptocurrencies applied

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With eight years of experience in this technology, we can provide a unique learning path and, together with you, build up the knowledge and identify your needs for the implementation of this technology in everyday business. Gather an in-depth understanding of Blockchain with exemplary use cases in a self-paced and flexible way.



Get insights into power consumption and utilization of your production facilities or data centers with operational modelling and redirect your business towards a sustainable future. Learn key Smart Grid technologies and acquire skills that will enable you to identify all the potential for an effective deployment in your system. Understand the key values of planning, simulation, and prediction enhanced with advanced algorithms, in order to increase energy efficiency and optimize energy conversion in your environment.


Custom tailored to your requirements 

A customized education plan adapts to your learning style and specific interests. A personalized learning pace allows you and your employees to grasp specific subjects more quickly and to explore a personal learning path. Continuous learning while building a meaningful relationship with the subject and the lecturer can be the key to further progress and prosperity.