A Communication Integration Platform is at the top of the existing SaaS in your Company and facilitates the process of connecting with customers of your products and services. Create and maintain B2B and B2C relationships with timely notifications, digitized documents digitally signed by single or multiple members, ID based confirmations and customized reporting.


Secure Peer-to-Peer communication 

With no need for trusted intermediaries, private or public Blockchain makes communication more secure while maintaining the performance you are used to and expect. Blockchain-based messaging verifies identities based on private and public keys, validates user certificates and permissions and provides a reliable, decentralized system for a secure exchange of information.


Satisfying sector-specific requirements 

Distinct customer requirements that need to be addressed in an agile manner by multiple business units represent a textbook example for a Blockchain-based Communication Integration Platform and related solutions. From marketing campaigns to in-house order processing, CIP provides a unique, user-friendly experience and immutable security.


Tailored to your specific needs 

CIP enables you to grow your business in a transparent and verifiable way, recognizable by your customers and multiple markets. Become a CIP partner and integrate cloud solutions, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, and CRMs into an all-powerful solution which inherits all the qualities of modern technology contained in Blockchain.