Industry 4.0 

Digital transformation led by technological advances in robotics, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence add new value to the creation process. Fourth Industrial Revolution implies secure data exchange between trusted parties, whether they are IoT devices, multiple departments, or business platforms. Rounded up with Sourcing of materials and time-stamped Production Part Approval Process, Industry 4.0 is a well-prepared system for Blockchain applications.


Supply chain Management 

Reconstruct and update your elemental technology for supply chain management at the ecosystem level to obtain an integrated, global perspective. Blockchain addresses key issues in supply chain management, such as globalization, fast-changing markets, quality and compliance, friction and procedural go-betweens, the uncertainty between suppliers, providers and clients, and the lack of a global knowledge database. Record-keeping and provenance tracking is a Blockchain standard that helps you build up your brand.


Law and Regulation 

Legal contracts written with physical signatures become Smart Contracts - an agreed interrelationship written in computer code with a unique meaning and without ambiguity. The signing Authority can still validate the Parties and other legal issues, but the Parties can choose to sign the Smart Contract without an intermediary.

Intellectual Property Management based on Blockchain differentiates unique identities for Content Creators, Content Consumers, and Content Entities involved in solving the disputes.

Auditability and traceability of the system based on time-stamped cryptographic records present all the puzzles necessary for ensuring the authenticity of the custodial chain.


Healthcare & Government 

Blockchain’s self-sovereign identity enables an efficient content-based data sharing system that is used for accessing patient records or for rapid response registry in case of pandemics.

Even during times of prevention, Blockchain is also utilized for a transparent incentive system that rewards responsible behaviour and business accountability without compromising individual privacy or liberty.

Government-based certification issuing, such as healthcare records, land ownership records, licences, IDs, certificates of achievements in education and professional development, and company registrations represent an identities-based platform that can reliably be managed through a private, public or consortium, permissioned or permissionless, immutable Blockchain.